I love what i do!

Hi, I am Parul, an Indian home-cook in a Swiss kitchen. Although my family comes from Gujarat and Mumbai, I grew up in Chennai and Bengaluru, south India. My job as a photographer involved a lot of travelling within India and abroad. While researching and publishing a cookery book, I had the opportunity to work in London and Madrid. Working with  a publisher, I got the fantastic opportunity to format recipes and cook an Indian meal for an Expat group in Madrid. 


Married to a Swiss, I started my "new" life in Kanton Zurich in 1999, moved to Holland for 4,1/2 years, then back to Switzerland, Bern this time in 2003 and once again moved to Kanton Lucern in 2014.


About my classes

I have been running my cookery classes since 2005 in the Bern, later Schönbuhl, and from 2015 in Seetal Lucern. My classes are in my home in Aesch at the Hallwilwersee (Lake) in Seetal (approx. a half hour from cities Lucern and Lenzburg). My kitchen with its built-in island is best suited for 10 people to cook hands-on comfortably, ending with a sit-down dinner. I teach simple cooking techniques, ingredients, spices, and provide recipe hints and tips along the way.


My recipes are easy to follow without losing its authenticity and yet delicious, inspiring and easy to make at home. Some of my students have made an entire theme based Indian buffet for Christmas here in Switzerland! My 10 year experience as a cookery teacher, sourcing ingredients, eating, re-inventing myself, meeting people has taught me which recipes work well and what foods people enjoy.


My students are always discovering something new, as I share my insights and experiences with you, and we create a real environment of exchange, learning and fun in my classes. Come and join me, I would love to see you!