Finger food; cURRYS; buffet....

Looking for a unique and exclusive experience for family and friends, a birthday celebration or a corporate event? Then pick your take from our different menus from finger foods to buffets! Orders will be taken from minimum 10 persons. The food will be packed well for transportation.

Call/email me: 041 917 19 04; Based on your order an offer will be sent by E-mail. 



We can deliver at an extra cost based on the distance or you can pick-up/drop-off - Bachweg 5, 6287 Aesch LU

2-3 food warmers and serving plates available. For a small fee: one hour for set-up incl. freshly cooked naan and rice at venue.




1.      Aloo Samosa with tamarinde chatni                             4.50/pieces

Vegetable pocket filled with potato & peas

 Aloo (or tapioca) Tikki with tamarind chatni            5.00/2 pieces 

KarPotato (or maniok) cutlets 

3.      Sabzi Pakora with mint chatni                                    5.00/2 pieces

Vegetables in chickpea flour deepfried



1.     Chicken 65 with yoghurt dip sauce                             8.00/2 pieces

Fried spicy chicken pieces

2.     Kofta Kebab with yoghurt dip sauce                           8.00/2 pieces

MaMarinated minced beef/lamb on skewers grilled 


on the side:

1.     Garlic Naan                                                                4.00/piece

Hefebrot aus Weissmehl mit Knoblauch

2.     Roti                                                                            4.00/piece

Fladenbrot aus Atta oder Roggenmehl

3.     Basmatireis                                                                2.00

4.     Gurken Raita                                                              5.00

Salat mit Joghurt, Gurken & frische Kräuter

5.     Kachumbar                                                                5.00

Gemischt Gemüse Salat mit Pfefferminze

& Zitronen Dressing 




1.     Sabzi Korma                                                              23.00

Vegetables in cashewnut cream gravy

2.     Avial                                                                           23.00

Vegetables in coconut gravy from Kerala



1.     Butter Chicken                                                           26.00

Chicken in a creamy tomato butter gravy

2.     Chicken Tikka Masala                                                26.00

marinated grilled chicken in a spicy tomato gravy

3.     Rogan Josh                                                                 29.00

Lamb in a spicy onion Kashmirchili gravy

4.     Fragrant Beef                                                            29.00

cooked in a spicy brown gravy