Courses in Parul's kitchen, Tuesday-Friday (Saturday extra charge SFr. 35/- per person)

Payment: 2 weeks before the course 100% via E-Bank and Paypal


A. Family & Friends

3 classical curries; 3 course meal; 3 vegetarian curries...

from 4-8 persons - SFr. 125.00 per person


B. Corporate Events (incl. wine)

upto 5 persons flat rate:

3 course meal - SFr.  675.00 

4 course meal - SFr.  725.00 

from 6-10 persons:

3 course meal - SFr.  135.00 per person 

4 course meal - SFr.  145.00 per person


C. In your home

3 classical curries; 3 course meal; 3 vegetarian curries (vegan/ayurveda)

from 5-10 persons - SFr. 130.00 per person

upto 4 persons - SFr. 600.00 flat rate

Additional charges for travel to & fro 25km


Duration: about 4 hours (10:30 am/6 pm)

Approx: 1/2 hour - Welcoming Lassi with a light snack, while browsing the recipes and meeting others

About 1/2 hour – introduction of the recipes and ingredients

About 2,1/2 hours – preparing, cooking hands-on and ending with a sit-down dinner. I am guiding, coaching, sharing tips and tricks throughout the course

About 1/2 hour - dessert, coffee/tea and discussions/questions and a take-home recipe folder



Book directly by just filling the registration form under Cookery Courses, "Buchen". Once you register the course info and billing details will be forwarded automatically. 


Contact: Parul Schnitzler-Shah, Tel: 041 917 19 04 or

Register: 2 weeks before the course. (call me when you want to register  a week before or last minute)

Venue: Bachweg 5, 6287 Aesch LU at the lake Hallwilersee.



In Parul’s Kitchen and in Your Home:  72 hours or more before the course, 80% refund; less than 72 hours no refund.

Corporate and Family Event:  less than 14 days before the event, no refund.


An evening with Parul:

The ambience in my home is like in India with my family cooking together, laughing and bonding.  Also choosing to conduct classes at home brings me closer to the hospitality of my mom and aunties when they entertain guests or cook up a meal for family and friends. I remember, when we had unexpected guests, my mother never let them leave without a cup of tea or a snack or even a simple curry!


I cover some of these different areas in the course…

How to use the varied spices, whole, powder, crushed and in pastes.

Simple prepping; like finely chopped onions, garlic-ginger-pastes, peeling a mango or deseeding a pomegranate.

Where to buy the Indian ingredients?

How to plan and combine the dishes?

Dish combinations bring balance to our bodies, inside-out.