My passion for food began way back in India when I worked as a photographer on a coffee-table cum cook-book on Kerala, south India. Many years later, while job hunting in Bern, Switzerland, a friend asked me if I would teach her how to cook simple Indian recipes. It started with one class and then more and more classes with friends’ friends, as it spread through word of mouth. That’s when I got the “aha” moment and in 2006 Cook Indian was born. The rest is history.  


After 13 years of learning by doing, working in different kitchens, coming to terms with the “Art und Weise” of the Swiss culture, both food and people, I am now living one of my dreams: courses in my own kitchen, which we designed and built from scratch! Thank you all for being a part of my food journey.


Enjoy cooking a selection of dishes inspired by my Indian upbringing; easy recipes that you can dish up in your home and have great fun! Food should be fun. Choose from some interesting short evening courses for family-friends; in your home & corporate team events: north-south inspired, 3-classic-Curries; 3-course-meal, 3-vegetarian-curries...


private & corporate events

"We had an amazing evening! The cooking class was really interesting and fun. Parul was really nice, helpful and patient. She explained everything we needed to know and was always on our side when we needed some help. We managed to cook an amazing dinner with 4 different indian dishes! It was delicious! We had a lot of fun and I can recommend this experience to everyone! It's definitely worth trying:)"

Parul's gift shop

Plenty of unique gifts to choose for Christmas...my 2 NEW products: a Starter-Kit and an Indian Chai-Set! Or how about a colorful Spice Box; a special Rolling pin just like my grandmother’s; a Paneer Press to make cheese yourself or one of the many Spice mixtures and Chatnis. For a unique experience to take with you - a Gift Voucher for a private course or a Take-away dinner for 2


on cold days my hubby enjoys a hot cup of chai :-))

Gujarathi Chai Masala 50gr

“Chai Masala“, means a spice mixture for tea. Each region or family hast its own special mix. Ingredients are ginger, cardamom, clove, pepper, cinnamon, mint and fennel. Without black tea mix in hot water with a dash of honey and lemon juice or use in hot water steeped in fresh ginger, mint leaves or lemongrass. These spices help sooth and also heal throat ache and colds. 

Gujarathi Chai Masala 50gr

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Popular in Fall-Winter, yummy spicy Indian chatnis...

Mango Chatni 200gr

Western-style Chatnis originated from Anglo-Indians at the time of the British Raj recreated Indian Chatnis using English fresh and dried fruits. My version is with mangoes, vinegar, fresh and dried spices. Goes well with pappadom (fried rice-lentil chips), naan or roti, dal-rice, grilled meat, curries and cheese.

Mango Chutney 200gr

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new! high quality steel - Masala dabba (spice box)

Masala dabba (spice box with spices) Ø20.5cmx6cm with transparent lid

1 large bottom container with transparent lid Ø20.5cmx6cm
7 small bowls
1 spoon
Price incl. 7 spices (whole: mustard, cumin, cinnamon, clove, cardamon, chilli and powder: coriander, cumin, turmeric, chilli)

Masala dabba (Gewürz-Dose mit Gewürzen) Ø20.5cmx6cm durchsichtiger Deckel

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