I love what I do..

After completing BA Fine Arts, I trained and worked as an assistant photographer in India, including a project on a Kerala Cook Book that led me to work with a publisher in London and Spain. I started my business Cook Indian in Bern Switzerland in 2006. After 8 years of experience teaching from home, working at the Migrosclub School and with an internet team event platform, I have continued my cooking courses since 2014 in my own newly built kitchen at home in Aesch LU at Hallwilersee.

My USP - just like my mother who loved to cook and eat together, I am teaching authentic Indian cuisine in my home with tips and tricks from my Indian heritage. Other cooks claim, "curry” with "yellow color" as the main spice in their Indian cooking classes. Wrong! The word curry does not exist in the Indian cuisine and "chili hot" is a personal choice. Come to my Indian cooking experience and I will show you how the real Indian spices elevate ordinary sauces or currys to spicy masalas.

Private courses

Cooking with people is a joy. As for me, teaching others to cook is even more satisying and enjoyable. The aim in my classes, is for a fun, relaxed and educative experience, so that the recipes are easy to cook again in your homes. The indian spices, style of cooking and the ingredients help me to stay connected to my Indian roots. The course I offer are cclassic curries with meat and vegetables; vegetarian & vegan or a 3-course-meal.... 

corporate events

"It was such a joy! A delightful new experience! Thank you so much for your grace and patience with us, your knowledge and organization. You are an inspiration!  I found it very enjoyable and informative. Hearing about the background, etc., added depth to the cooking experience. Definitely a quality experience. Thank you Parul for a great day of Indian cooking in your beautiful home. It was interesting, educational and fun!"

Parul's shop

My shop offers various essential and basic Indian spices, chatnis and products that I use in my cooking classes - a Starter-Kit; a Spice Box; a special Rolling pin just like my grandmother’s; a Paneer Press to make cheese yourself or one of the many Spice mixtures and Chatnis, give someone a Gift Voucher for a private course or indian products...



Left: COOP newspaper 2010; right: gesundheitstipp Magazine 2020