cook in your home...

"After taking your Indian cooking class, I updated my pantry with new Indian spices I found in an Indian shop in Lucerne. I was surprised to find the spices much cheaper there than at Coop or Migros for the some of the same spices. My husband loved the recipes I learned to make from the class so much he said "we no longer need to eat out at an Indian restaurant for good Indian food, you can make it at home." Patty

Course Fee:

From 5-10 persons - SFr 135.00 per person

Upto 4 persons - SFr 650.00 flat rate

Saturday charge  - 25.00/person


Course Fee for children

Upto 9 years old:   free

from 10-12 years old: 65.00/child

from 13-17 years old: 85.00/child

Saturday charge  - 15.00/child


Only sit-down dinner-Fee

Upto 9 years old:  free

from 10-12 years old: 25.00/child

from 13-19 years old: 35.00/child

Adult                         :  50.00/person


Included in the price:

- Organisation, packing and transport

- Intro incl. a small snack and Lassi

- Preparation, cooking and sit-down dinner

- Recipes


Not included:

- Alcoholc drinks

- Kingfischer beer 330 ml SFr. 5.00

- To and fro travel


Additional cost: to and fro travel upto 25 km

Cancellations up to 15 days before the course starts are free of charge. From the 14th day we charge 80% of the course fee. If you cancel less than 72 hours before the course, you will not receive a refund. If you present a medical certificate, the cancellation fee is 20%. Of course, participation can also be transferred to another person. The cancellation fee will be charged. Admin costs: CHF 25.00 will be charged for every change or postponement of the date.