"My husband loved the recipes I learned to make from the class so much he said "we no longer need to eat out at an Indian restaurant for good Indian food, you can make it at home. At work he was bragging about what good Indian food I could now make and invited two Indian couples to our house for dinner! Throughout the meal they kept commenting on how flavorful and delicious it was. One husband took the leftovers and wants his wife to take the class. I told them we could to the class together as couples so they could learn to cook Indian too." Patty 2020


Roti (bread) & Chawal (rice)

Aloo Kulcha

Garlic Naan

Murg (Chicken) & Ghost (meat)

Balti Chicken

Rogan Josh

Macchi (fish) & Sabzi (vegetables)

Meen Molee

Raita (salad) & Meetha (dessert)



Chaat (snack) & Dahl (lentils)

Aloo Samosa

Punjabi Dahl